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Energy Panel, S.L. is dedicated to the development, manufacture, installation and maintenance of solar systems use and energy saving. Our philosophy is based on innovation and continuous improvement, developing products that contribute to the conservation of the environment and energy efficiency. All our equipment have been developed and tested in our own laboratory, to adapt them as much as possible to the different climatic situations that occur in the market. Likewise, they are protected by national and international patents.

In 2014, Energy Panel inaugurated a new 10,000 m2 plant in manufacturing facilities.

With more than 15 years of experience in research and production of high efficiency systems, Energy launches new manufacturing lines that include the latest advances in energy efficiency systems and applying it to final products.

Our emblem is innovation, therefore, we have several patents and we have an active R + D team dedicated to improving equipment and development new lines to respond to the continuous demands of the market. Currently, Energy Panel has a commercial network of more than 100 distributors, spread across Europe, North Africa, South America and Canada

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Thermboil E

SERIES E is characterized by incorporating thermodynamic solar panel providing higher performance through solar radiation, as well as the environmental energy.

Thermboil E+I

SERIES E+I is characterized by incorporating a double evaporation system, comprised by a thermodynamic solar panel which collects solar radiation as well as the environmental energy and an inner heat exchanger that comes into operation when weather conditions are less favourable.

Thermboil I

SERIES I is characterized by incorporating an inner heat exchanger taking advantage of indoors energy to heat water. Energy efficiency for local building and housing with no available space for the installation of the panel.

Green e-Pack E

This is a compact unit which includes all the elements of the heat pump as well as the thermodynamic solar panel. The energy captured by the panel is transmitted to the water in the inside of the unit and them pumped to the Storage cylinder.

Green e-Pack I

This is a compact unit which includes all the elements of the heat pump as well as the inner heat exchanger. The built-in fan uses the air from inside the living space and transmits it to the water that pumps to storage cylinder.

Green e-Pack Doble

It is the same system than the Green E-Pack E but it includes double compressor that increases the performance. Larger capturing surface. Available incentives according to country. Minimum COP guaranteed.

Thermboil Modular

In this configuration, the Thermobil is supplied in two blocks, one which includes the thermodynamic group and another which contains the accumulator tank. It functions exactly the same way as Thermboil.


Systems for hot water and heating. Large Volumes and swimming pool heating.


These thermodynamic solar systems are heat pumps with evaporator consisting of thermodynamic panels exposed directly to the sun and to outdoor weather conditions, capturing all available energy. There is an increase in system performance over traditional heat pumps due to solar gain.


Innovative system which is able to generate domestic hot water and heating simultaneously.


These thermodynamic solar systems has been designed for pool heating, extending the bathing season for outdoor pools or for cover pools throughout the year with very low electricity consumption through the solar use of our system.


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