Swimming pool heating – High capacity

So you are getting ready to purchase a swimming pool heater and want to know which is best for you. This is a common problem for many people.

Swimming-pool-heatingHeat pumps use electricity to transfer heat to your swimming pool. Air-source heat pumps transfer heat from the air, and water-source (geothermal) heat pumps transfer heat from water.

The GTP systems are designed to heat swimming pools, extending the bathing cougarsdatingwebsite season for outdoor pools and jacuzzis and to heat covered pools thoughout the year with a low energy consumption due to the use of solar energy.

The panels exposed to the sun and outdoor weather conditions harvest the required energy to heat water, with an extremely high output energy.

Swimming pool heating characteristics

  • Scroll compressor highly energy efficiency
  • Electronic expansion valve, provides a precise and continuous control of the evaporation process
  • Rust-proof titanium heat exchanger
  • Includes advanced protection and control components

Our swimming pool heating systems include a high efficiency Scroll compressor and a titanium heat exchanger, as well as a system which protects against high and low pressure, overheating and high discharge temperatures.

Swimming pool heating

We use a high output ecological refrigerant, R407c and an electronic expansion valve that guarantees optimum functionality and the excellent efficiency of our products.

The heat pump is now recognised as one of the most economical and environmentally friendly methods of dynamically heating a swimming pool. Its principle allows heating of your swimming pool water by enhancing the free and natural energy in the air to a usable form of heat whilst respecting the environment.