Hot water systems

Hot water systems for houses

Hot water systems

Hot water systems consists of solar collector panels and a storage tank. A four-person household typically needs about four square metres of solar collector area (two panels) and a 300–360L tank. You need a large tank to allow for days with less sunlight (or more hot showers than usual).

Hot water system will pay for itself in the long run due to very low running costs.

Hot water systems – Thermboil Wall-Hung

Heat pump of reduced dimensions

The Thermboil Wall-Hung is a heat pump of reduced dimensions designed to be installed on the wall, allowing its architectural integration in places with limited space.

  • Excellent recovery time
  • Storage: 75/110L
  • Low-noise system
  • Immersio heating element
  • Low energy consumtion
  • Maximum comfort and adaptability

Two hot water systems solutions are possible to the arrangement of the home:

E Series: Possible to install the panel outside

I Series: When the panel cannot be installed, energy can be extracted from indoors.


Thermboil Wall-Hung I

Compact wall-hung heat pump that incorporates an inner heat exchanger and a fan that use the energy contained in the air indoors for the production of domestic hot water (DHW)

  • Use the energy of the air
  • Easy installation, only required connections to DHW
  • No maintenance


Thermboil Wall-Hung E

Compact wall heat pump with solar energy capture that incorporates a thermodynamic solar panel that collects the energy from solar radiation, as well as the energy contained in air for DHW production.

  • Captures both solar radiation and environmental energy
  • Easy installation, lightweight panel
  • Low energy consumption, high perfomance


New Retro fitting Application

Combine your Thermboil with this new revolutionary retrofitting application. The kit Store is based on thermodynamic technology, which can reach until 50ºC in the existing cylinder and 55ºC at the primary cylinder.

  • Fast first shower
  • Increases DHW accumulation
  • Applicable through all our range of products

A well chosen solar hot water system (HWS) or a heat pump may cost more to begin with, but they can be significantly cheaper to run than a conventional electric or gas system. Good for the purse, good for the planet.

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