heat pump efficiency

Heat pump efficiency with Green e-Pack

Heat pumps are used to provide heating because less high-grade energy is required for their operation than appears in the released heat. Most of the energy for heating comes from the external environment, and only a fraction comes from electricity (or some other high-grade energy source required to run a compressor).

Heat pump efficiency with Green e-Pack is an innovative solution to cover the demand of domestic hot water in properties and houses that already have a cylinder installed. The system is extremely easy to install, as it connects the water thanks to the flow and return connectors providing hot water continuously.

Long used for cooling in warm climates, heat pumps are now one of the fastest growing technologies for ultra-efficient heating in cold climates. Rather than generate heat from combustion or electric resistance, heat pumps extract heat from outside air or the ground and deliver it indoors as needed. This process is a more cost-effective way to heat than most conventional systems.

Heat pump efficiency – Green e-Pack features:

  • Highly efficient compressor.
  • Lacquered steel exterior casing.
  • DHW water pump included.
  • Condensed included.
  • Ecological gas R134a.
  • Includes security elements against overpressure and high temperatures.
  • Due to its design and production have not maintenance.
  • Equipment tested under European regulations.
  • An external condenser for low pressure installations.
  • Adaptable to ay existing cylinder in the house.

Green e-Pack E – Heat pump efficiency option 1

This is a compact unit which includes all the elements of the heat pump as well as the thermodynamic solar panel. The energy captured by the panel is transmitted to the water in the inside of the unit and is pumped to the storage cylinder.

heat pump efficiency

Green e-Pack I – Heat pump efficiency option 2

This is a compact unit which includes all the elements of the heat pump as well as the inner heat exchanger. The built-in fan uses the air from inside of the living space and transmits it to the water pumped to the storage cylinder.

The output air can be conducted to the outside via ducts.

heat pump efficiency

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