Decoterm, welcome to Energy Panel!

Decoterm is a trademark of Habitat srl in the sector of renewable energy technologies for the production of domestic hot water and heating. Habitat was born from a twenty-year proven experience of its partners in the field of renewable energy and solutions for energy efficiency. It develops as a result of the daily search for the creation and dissemination of new technologies to ensure comfort and efficiency while protecting the environment.

The energy savings and the guarantee of the results for the customer are the principles that guide Habitat in research of the most important technological innovations that meet the criteria of quality and reliability, guaranteeing performance and expected results.

Now, Energy Panel work with Decoterm mark in the distribution and installation of solar thermal power produced by the Energy Panel.

A high quality product for meet the twin objectives of a high energy and cost savings.

Our intervention strategy is based on customer satisfaction: a comprehensive network of qualified installers and technical experts allows us to be in the area to ensure our customers due care in all phases of the process.