central heating

Central Heating with Thermboil Rapid Heating

¿Need Central Heating? The Thermboil Rapid Heating line is especially designed to satisfy greater volumes of DHW through one compact equipment that accelerates the central heating time due to its greater thermodynamic power.

Includes two compressors connected to two independent circuits.

  • Short recovery time. ideal for homes/properties with high DHW demand.
  • Auxiliary electrical system.
  • Anti-legionella system.

Central Heating tips and others applications:

  • Commercial spaces, gyms, rural houses, hostels, laundrettes, ect.
  • The thermodynamic panels can be placed inside or outside of the establishment to capture solar and enviromental energy.
  • The E+I/I Series take advantage of inside energy from indoors, ideal for gyms, hairdressers, ect. Due the high temperature reached on those establishments increases the perfomance.

Thermodynamic heating up to 80ºC due to immersion heater. When the heat pump reaches 60ºC the immersion heater start to work until 80ºC

  • Ideal for industrial use.
  • Available in all Thermboil Rapid Heating
  • Central heating

central heatingE Serie

Compact thermodynamic equipment with double heating power and two thermodynamic panels. This system is made up of two independent circuits that assure that demand is covered in the shortest time.

E+I Serie

The compact equiment in this series incorporates one thermodynamic panel and one inner heat exchanger. This system accelerates the recovery time due to its greater thermodynamic power. This power is generated thanks to the energy captured from the sun and the environment throught the thermodynamic panel and the energy extracted from the inside of the living space thanks to the inner heat exchanger.

I Serie

A heat pump with double heating power that includes an inner heat exchanger that collect the energy from the indoor in which it is installed. Due to the greater thermodynamic power generated by two compressors, you will have DHW quickly.


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