Installation: 1 GTC08 Plus (Heating) 1 Thermboil (DHW) GTC Systems for hot water and heating – Large Volumes. These thermodynamic solar systems are heat pumps with evaporator consisting of thermodynamic panels exposed directly to the sun and to outdoor weather conditions, capturing all available energy. There is an increase in system performance over traditional heat […]

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Eco Energie Solutions, the ideal partner for your energy savings

Founded in 2013, is a platform for information and advice on energy savings that aims to help its users in the retrofit project. Thermal study, insulation, wood heating, heat pumps, micro-CHP boiler, thermal or solar photovoltaic, small wind, water heating, rainwater recovery, home automation, you will find on the site clear and detailed information, which […]

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Central Heating with Thermboil Rapid Heating

central heating

¿Need Central Heating? The Thermboil Rapid Heating line is especially designed to satisfy greater volumes of DHW through one compact equipment that accelerates the central heating time due to its greater thermodynamic power. Includes two compressors connected to two independent circuits. Short recovery time. ideal for homes/properties with high DHW demand. Auxiliary electrical system. Anti-legionella system. […]

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