Water Heaters

Water Heaters | Advantages

Heat pump water heaters are new generation water heaters after gas water heaters, electric water heaters and solar water heaters. Heat pump water heaters are safe, efficient, and Eco-friendly.

The thermodynamic solar systems to obtain domestic hot water (DHW) or heating are based on heat pump system supported by solar energy, able to capture solar and environmental energy to heat water in a efficient way, with very low energy consumtion compared to convetional systems.

They can keep working 365 days in one year. To produce same volume of hot water, the running cost of heat pump water heaters is only 1/4 of electric water heaters, 1/3 of gas water heaters, and 1/2 of solar water heaters.

Heat Pump Water HeatersAdvantages of heat pump water heaters:

  1. Big volume of hot water. Tanks of heat pump water heaters can be customized according to requirements.
  2. Easy installation, low weight only 6.2 Kg aprox.
  3. Efficiency. Heat pump water heaters get heat energy from ambient air. COP reaches 400%. Running periods can be set by users to control costs.
  4. Architectural integration: up to 12 colours.
  5. Wild range applications. Heat pump water heaters are not affected much by rainy days and cloudy days. Can work in -10℃~ 55℃. Heat pump water heaters can be installed at houses, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, dormitories, saunas, etc.
  6. High quality rust-proof materials that ensure a long and reliable life-span.
  7. Easy operation and hot water keeping constant temperature. Heat pump water heaters adopt automate intelligent control system. Only need to be set at the first time and they will running according to the setting in 24 hours.
  8. Safe and Eco-friendly. Water and electric are spit entirely in a heat pump water heater. No burning. No gas emission. Not affected by natural disasters.
  9. Anti-freezing. Heat pump water heaters have intelligent defrosting cougarsdatingwebsite functions to ensure they are capable of working in low ambient air temp. They decide to defrost or not according to ambient air temp, evaporator fin temp and unit running time.
  10. Convenient installation. Heat pump water heaters can be installed indoors and outdoors. Roofs, grounds, everywhere. Heat pump water heaters also can be remotely controlled.
  11. Reduced dimensions, 1700 x 800 x 25 mm.
  12. Long lifespans. Low cost of maintenance.

How are Water Heaters different?

  • Obtain hot water under atmospheric condition, functioning at night time as well as in wet or windy weather.
  • Without glass or electrical components.
  • Ventilation and de-icing unnecessary.
  • Don’t need maintenance or cleaning.
  • Dirtiness does not affect the output of the panel.